Ordering, evaluation-copy, costs

Ordering LibreLex

LibreLex delivering is as follows.

LibreLex comes with a subscription model, entitling the customer on updates that bring fixes, updates for possible changes in LibreOffice and new functions might those be added resulting from work for other customers. Subscriptions can start any moment, payment for a year in advance and may be ended with a months notice in advance.


Send us an e-mail with your request. We will contact you as soon as possible. Of course you may contact us by phone too.

Copy for evaluation

You may order for a copy for evaluation. It will offer full functionality, but has a limit for the number of documents and may be used for approximately 10 weeks.
Send an e-mail with your request. You will recieve a reponse soon.

Costs LibreLex

LibreLex comes with a start package and a subscription - see the explanation above.
The corst of the subscription are up to 50 users: € 15,- each, from 51-100 users: € 12,- each, above: € 8,- each. Costs are on a year basis and minimum is € 50,-. Please contact us for large numbers.
The of the start package are € 1200,-, unless agreed differently in advance, based on wishes or completity of templates.

The templates in the start bundle ensure a professional presentation of your corporate identity, prefectly suiting for LibreLex.
You may use those templaes as an example for extra templates. Nou&Off also offers courses for learning how to make professional templates, and also for by example using office documents in a effective way.
Of course, when preferred, we can make all your templates. We will be happy to inform you about the possibilities.


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